PIU Vila Leopoldina – Villa-Lobos

PIU Vila Leopoldina-Villa-Lobos (PIU VL-VL)

The PIU Vila Leopoldina is a proposal for an urban and real estate development of large areas of former industrial use by Votorantim


PIU, an acronym for Urban Intervention Project, is an instrument established by the Master Plan Law of São Paulo, approved in 2014, which allows private institutions to express their interest in carrying out urban interventions to transform city locations with the objective of serving the public interest. Based on this regulatory instrument (which bears similarities to NYC's ULURP mechanism, the Votorantim Group, SDI and BVEP o URBEM joined  forces to propose an urbanization project of an area of 300 thousand sq. m. mostly owned by Votorantim.  

The proposal was consolidated into a Bill in June 2019 and is expected to be considered by the City Council in 2020. 


More information is available on the PIU VLVL website: http://piuvilaleopoldina.com.br/

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